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Sunday, November 10, 2013

V-371 Interceptor

Change Vought entered the V-371 Interceptor in the competition for the MX1554 requirement for the USAF which ultimately led to the F-102 being fielded. The V-371 was projected to have a top speed of 1,221 mph at 35,000 ft. In Tony Buttler's new book Early US Jet Fighters Proposals, Projects and Prototypes covers the MX1554 requirement and the contending designs on pages 152-163.
Images courtesy Vought Aircraft Historical Foundation archives and my microfilm scan.
I am currently gathering material about scale model scratch building with an eye towards building a replica of this design. As you can imagine there is not an abundance of material about this design since it was not selected. I am looking for copies of the following Chance Vought Engineering Reports:

8063 Estimated Weight and Balance V-371
8064 Design Philosophy Report V-371
8065 Performance Report Appendix V-371
8066 Stability and Control Report V-371
8067 Tactical Analysis Report V-371
8068 Systems Report V-371
8069 Preliminary Stress Analysis V-371
8070 Weight and Balance Report 8216 V-371
8216 Detail Specification V-371
8217 Estimated Cost and Delivery Schedule V-371
8218 Summary V-371
8219 Producibility Brochure V-371
8220 Standard Characteristics Report V-371
8221 Summary Drawing Report V-371
8222 Characteristics Summary V-371
8223 Tactical Performance Report V-371

Please contact me if you can help me locate any of these reports. The final decision on building the model has yet to be made. More later..........................

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