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Sunday, February 18, 2018

Vought - Sikorsky VS-44A

VS 4432 Excalibur NX41880 Right Side Inflight 19420118

One of the aircraft on my "must see" list is at the New England Air Museum where the VS-44A Excambian lives!

VS 4430 Excalibur NX41880 Left Side On Water 19420118

The VS-44A/PBS-1 design has always interested me. A graceful looking four engined flying boat of which only a handful were built (1 XPBS-1 and 3 VS-44A). The XPBS-1 and the first VS-44A Excaliber, illustrated in this post, were both lost during 1942. 

VS 4429 Excalibur NX41880 Left Front On Water 19420118

Of the four aircraft built, Excambian has survived, been restored and is on display. 

VS 4433 Excalibur NX41880 Right Side Inflight 19420118

The photos in this post come from NARA II Record Group 80-CF and are of NX41880 Excaliber.

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