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Sunday, August 28, 2016

LSWT - Low Speed Wind Tunnel

In March 1955, Vought dedicated Facility 107 at the Naval Weapons Industrial Reserve Plant Dallas. This was the beginning of the Low Speed Wind Tunnel facility for Vought. 

Aerial view of the LSWL and Hover facilities at NWRIP Dallas just after the 1965 enhancements. (VAHF Collection)

The 1965 additions to the wind tunnel included outdoor and indoor hover facilities. At the time ADAM, C-142 and a whole host of VTOL/STOL designs were begin tested at Dallas.

Outdoor hover facility as part of the LSWT. (VAHF Collection)

The facility was modified again in 1971. The facility has run tests on Vought products and designs from the Regulus, Crusader, Corsair II. Other contracted work included: football stadiums, cars, laser bomb seekers, missiles, parachutes and even the space shuttle.

Fan unit for the LSWT (VAHF Collection)

The following images are a sampling of projects that were tested in the LSWT.

TFX Weapons Integration  (VAHF Collection)
B-52 Missile Integration  (VAHF Collection)

Tilt Rotor  (VAHF Collection)

Retractable Roof Sports Stadium  (VAHF Collection)

ACES II Ejection Seat?  (VAHF Collection)

RC-130S Battlefield Illumination Airborne System (BIAS)  (VAHF Collection)

NASA Shuttle Test  (VAHF Collection)

NASA Shuttle Test  (VAHF Collection)

Lockheed Star Clipper  (VAHF Collection)

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