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Sunday, November 22, 2015

A-7 Mock Up

     There was a request recently for photos of the A-7 mock up other than those already posted of the various weapons fits. I came across these images in the collection previously and had miss-filed them. Here are a few images of the A-7 mock up that was used for inspection and weapons fit testing.

     Ease of maintenance access was an important feature of the V-463 design. Accessing compartments using both a minimum of fasteners and tools along without using a ladder or other external stand was preferred. Lessons long learned from the F7U Cutlass and applied to the F8U Crusader design.

     One of the great maintenance improvements in the A-7 (V-463) was in the area of engine maintenance and repair. The A-7 had a unique design which allowed the engine to be serviced through access panels on the sides and bottom of the fuselage. With the removal of the access panels and tail code the engine could be removed and replaced with out the penalty of having to split the fuselage to remove the tail section as had been done on the F8U Crusader. This eliminated some of the space hogging and special equipment needed for engine changes on board ship.

PR-5435 Left Side View of the A-7 (V-463) Mock Up VAHF Collection

PR-5433 Left Had Rear View Of the V-463 Mock Up. VAHF Collection

PR-5412 Technician Illustrating Access To Cannon, LOX and Avionics Bay. VAHF Collection

PR-5413 Technician Showing Ease Of Access To The V-463's Engine Compartment. VAHF Collection