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Monday, August 24, 2015

XC-142 Mock-up

     Continuing with the Mock-up theme, here are a few images from the VAHF collection with the XC-142 mock-up as the subject. The mock-up was full size and had a separate section in the hangar for VIP presentations, mock-up board and engineering work.


    This upper view shows the walkways for inspecting and servicing the XC-142 along with the hatches that allow access to the top of the aircraft.

CVPR-3846-XC-142-Mock-up-Left-Rear-Overhead-VAHF Collection

    The XC-142 was a combined project with Vought-Hiller-Ryan. The aircraft was innovative, as well as complicated, for it's time. Linking two engines on the XV-15 and V-22 is a technical challenge, imagine the complexity in linking four turboprop engines and propellers together. And if that was not enough make it a tilt wing for STOL/VTOL operations off of unimproved fields.

CVPR-3856-XC-142-Mock-up-Right-Front-Wing-Vertical-VAHF Collection

     The obvious needs of the four engines are visible in this cockpit image. The center panel is dominated with engine instruments, there are four fire handles on the glare-shield along with the four power levers on the center console. Interestingly the gauges are all turned with the indicator needles pointing to the left rather than having the gauges mounted with the proper orientation to the painted markings of the instrument faces.

CVPR-4010-XC-142-Mock-up-Cockpit-VAHF Collection

     Far more detailed than the OS2U Mock-up of the 1930's, the XC-142 featured retractable landing gear, outfitted cargo compartment and cockpit. Other working features included a tilt-able wing and flaps along with engine mock-ups. Unlike the OS2U there was no radioman-gunner on-board.

     This interior view shows a mix of two different configurations with web troop seats on the left and casualty litters on the right. Just a couple of different missions envisioned for the C-142A.

CVPR-4011-XC-142-Mock-up-Interior-VAHF Collection
 The final image in this post shows an Army artillery piece being loaded into the mock-ups cargo compartment. A set of two doors opened to give full access to the cargo compartment. Fold-able ramps completed the accessories needed for smooth loading and unloading of the cargo compartment.

CVPR-4172-XC-142-Mock-up-Artillery-loading-VAHF Collection

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