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Friday, August 21, 2015

August 21, 1956 1,015.428 MPH!

CVPR-820-F8U-1-141345-photo-opportunity-during-a-test-run VAHF Collection

     August 21, 1956 F8U-1 Number 15, 141345, exceeded 1,000 mph over California with Commander "Duke" Windsor at the controls. The speed record was observed and verified by the NAA (National Aeronautic Association). The recorded average speed was 1,015.428 mph which established a new world record for a production military aircraft.

CVPR-866-Checking-Time-After-Run VAHF Collection

     141345 was a standard production F8U-1 with a few small additions. A photo observer along with two barographs were installed in the ammunition compartment and a radar marker beacon was installed in the rocket pack. The aircraft carried it's full compliment of four 20mm cannons for the record runs. The only other alteration was the painting of the underside of the outer wing panels and the vertical fin and rudder florescent flame orange to aid visibility of the aircraft by ground observers.


CVPR-828-F8U-1-141345-being-towed-from-hangar-at-Mojave VAHF Collection

     The Thompson Trophy was awarded to CDR Windsor at the 1956 National Airshow at Will Rogers Airport, Oklahoma City over Labor Day weekend.

CDR-Windsor-Thompson-Trophy-September-1956 VAHF Collection

     Here are links to two videos are excellent resources for those looking for more information on the record setting flight.

News reel ; F8U Record Flight

Vought reel: Project_One_Grand

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