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Thursday, August 6, 2015

A-7A Mock up Weapons Loading 1964 Part Two

     For this post the focus will be on the MK12 20mm cannon and ammunition installation in the A-7A Mock up. The AERO 33-D truck and platform is in use for ammunition loading.

LTV- 65763U A-7A Mock up Ammo Loading 19640708 VAHF Archives

LTV-65764U A-7A Mock up loading ammunition using an Aero 33-D truck and platform 19640708 VAHF Archives

LTV-65765U A-7A Mock up ammunition loading different angle 19640708 VAHF Archives

LTV-65619U A-7A Mock up ammunition compartment 19640630 VAHF Archives

LTV-65575U A-7A Mock up MK12 20mm Gun Installation LH Side 19640630 VAHF Archives


  1. The storage area for the ammo drums sure came in handy. It could be used as the pilot in place of a blivet, and has been known to hold cases of beer, lobsters and other 'contraband'. ;)

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