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Saturday, August 15, 2015

A-7A Mock Up Weapons Loading 1964 Part Five and Final!

     For this fifth and final installment illustrating some of the various loads tested on the A-7A Mock up go from the mundane (slicks and snakes) to the ALDS. Enjoy!

Here are MK-81 slicks and Snakeyes along with MK-82 Snakeyes sharing the wing of the mock up.

LTV-65500U-A-7A-Mockup-MK-82-MK82-Snakeye-MK-81-Snakeye-19640623 (VAHF Collection)

     Next up the deadly combination of the AGM-45 Shrike and the MK-57 (Later designated B57) and MK-43 (Later designated B43) nuclear bombs.

CVC-65412U-A-7A-Mock-up-Shrike-MK-57-MK-43-19640612 (VAHF Collection)
     This load is a MK-20 Smoke Tank and MK-116 Weteye chemical bombs.

LTV-65530U-A-7A-Mock-up-MK-12-Smoke-Tank-and-Weteyes-19640625 (VAHF Collection)
     Finally, the series will end with a bit of a mystery. This store is listed as the AERO-18A ALSD. Searching the ole interwebs for AERO-18A ALSD brings up Aero L-39, lots of drug references (LSD) but nothing that looks like a combination ECM pod and external fuel tank, If anyone out there can add something, please do!

CVC-65421U-A-7A-Mock-up-AERO-18A-ALSD-19640616 (VAHF Collection)
     That concludes this five part series on external loads hung on the A-7A full scale mock up, Maybe there was something new or of interest to you.


  1. Bravo Zulu, Bill!

  2. Okay, I get from here ( that it is an Aero-18A Airborne Line Source Disseminator. I then get from here that a line source disseminator is a germ or biological weapon dispersal mechanism. So here we have a SLUF with the ability to carry WMD of every stripe and variety. Jiminy. Thanks for your posts - they are wonderful.

  3. Thank you for the information Ran!