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Friday, August 14, 2015

A-7A Mock Up Weapons Loading 1964 Part Four

     As this series on the A-7A Mock up weapons loading continues the focus shifts to how to load all that hardware on the jet. These images show the mock up of the integral pylon hoist mock up and the bomb farm that supported all the different configurations that were loaded on the A-7A mock up.

LTV-66501U A-7A Mock up Integral Pylon Hoist Mock Up Utilizing a Mechanics
Speed Handle Socket Wrench 19641201 (VAHF Archives)
LTV-66503U A-7A Integral Pylon Hoist Mock-up Utilizing Milwaukee half-inch drill and 10 volt EverReady
Nickel-Cadmium Belt 19641201 (VAHF Collection)
LTC-66502U A-7A Mock up Integral Pylon Hoist Utilizing 12 volt battery powered Half-inch
electric drill by Milwaukee Electric 19541201 (VAHF Collection)

     Look at that cordless drill and battery pack, and you thought your's was heavy!.

LTV-66505U A-7A Integral pylon Hoist Mock up Milwaukee and Black and Decker Half-inch
Drills with Batteries and Chargers 19641201 (VAHF Collection)
     Here is one view of the stores array to support the A-7A mock up trials. Rocket pods, drop tanks, Snakeyes, and refueling stores are visible in this image.

LTV-65537U A-7A Mock up Stores Array 19640625 (VAHF Collection)
     In this second view of the stores array mines, cluster bombs, tactical nuclear weapons shapes, and Walleyes are visible.

LTV-65538U A-7A Mock up Stores Array 19640625 (VAHF Collection)

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