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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

A-7A Mock up Weapons Loading 1964 Part One

     The A-7 had a tremendous load carrying capability. This was built into the design from the beginning. Here are a few images of the A-7A Corsair II Mock up demonstrating various weapons loads. These images were out of a set of almost 100 images including close ups, fit checks and various weapon loads that were demonstrated on the mock up. There will be a couple of posts showing some of the more interesting load configurations.

CVC-65453U A-7A Mock up with Mission C configuration 19640622 VAHF Collection

LTV-65504U A-7A Mock up with Bullpup B missiles 19640623 VAHF Collection

LTV-65508U A-7A Mock up with LAU-3, LAU-10 and LAU-33 rocket pods 19640623. VAHF Collection

LTV-65511U A-7A Mock up with CBUs, Walleyes and LAU-33. VAHF Collection


  1. Was going to email you to see if you could get some detailed pictures of the A-7A mockup. This is great...keep 'em coming! Will post a link to your site on the A-7 Corsair II Fans' Facebook Group, and the A-7 Corsair II Association's website.

  2. Glad you are enjoying them. More to come of the weapons loading.

  3. Feel free to post photos of the mock-up itself. Have never seen close-ups of the cockpit nor access panels or other details.