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Monday, June 22, 2015

When is a Vought not a Vought?

The Naval Aircraft Factory was established in 1918 by the US Navy to help increase production of aircraft needed by the Navy as the majority of aircraft production was absorbed the the US Army. 

The Vinson Trammel Act of 1934 required the Navy to build 1/10 of all it's aircraft which enabled the NAF to keep producing aircraft for the Navy. The NAF is best known for building large quantities of the N3N "Yellow Peril".  

The NAF took on production of the Kingfisher to allow Vought to concentrate efforts on the F4U Corsair needed by combat squadrons.

Approximately 300 Kingfishers were built by the Naval Aircraft Factory in Philadelphia PA as the OS2N-1 which was the equivalent of the Vought OS2U-3. The NAF ceased building aircraft in 1945.

Here are some photos from the National Archives II Record Group 72-AC Box 45

Front view of an unidentified OS2N-1 in land plane configuration. NAF photo.

Right rear image of an OS2N-1 again in land plane configuration. NAF photo

Head on image of an OS2N-1 on floats. NAF image.

Right front view of the same aircraft in the float plane configuration. NAF photo.

Finally a very nice side view of the OS2N-1 sitting on the ramp at Philadelphia. NAF photo.

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