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Monday, June 29, 2015

Mock-up of a Pirate (XF6U-1 that is!)

     In aviation mock-ups are a fascinating subject. I enjoy looking at them and comparing them to the actual aircraft that was derived from them. Mock-ups are the collision of the designers vision and the reality of systems integration that has yet to be tested in the sky.

     The following images come from the National Archives II Record Group 72. The Vought and NARA images numbers are in the file names.

     I will post some actual aircraft images in a later post for comparison purposes. Of interest is the wing mounted drop tank on the first image.

CV 18191 XF6U-1 Mock-up Left Side

CV 18193 XF6U-1 Mock-up Rear Right Hand Side

     The plan views show the clean lines of the wings and fuselage to advantage. Metalite construction was planned for use on the Pirate. 

CV 18194 XF6U-1 Mock-up Plan View

CV 18195 XF6U-1 Mock-up Plan View

     The cockpit is fairly conventional and includes a chart board for navigation information essential to the Naval Aviator. 

CV 18303 XF6U-1 Mock-up Pilot in Cockpit

CV 18304 XF6U-1 Mock-up Pilot in cockpit

     Finally a couple of images of the "jet unit" used to power the Pirate.

CV 18367 XF6U-1 Mock-up Left Side Jet Unit Installation

CV 18365 XF6U-1 Mock-up Jet Unit Lowered on Torpedo Truck

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