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Monday, April 27, 2015

Aerospace Lines Super Guppy delivers a YA-7D

     Recently I posted pictures of the NASA Super Guppy returning a damaged A-7D to the LTV factory in Grand Prairie, TX. (NASA Supper Guppy delivers damaged A-7D 74-1749)

     Turns out that the Super Guppy had an earlier engagement with another A-7D. N1038V was used to transport YA-7D 67-14584 as the following photographs show.

Super Guppy N1038V arriving on Vought's Grand Prairie facility ramp. VAHF Archives

Just after engine shut down with the wheel chocks being drug into position. VAHF Archives

Famous nose on "mug shot" of the Super Guppy. VAHF Archive 

Internal jack stands extended, nose gear partially retracted and the nose section swung open for cargo loading. VAHF Archive

YA-7D 67-14584 strapped down to a pallet with the outer wing panels in boxes ready to load. VAHF Archives

This series of photos ends with the YA-7D raised up and ready to be swallowed by the Super Guppy. VAHF Archives.

     There wasn't any information with the negatives to indicate why the jet is being transported rather than flown to the destination. This is the number 3 YA-7D and the first to be fitted with the TF-41 engine. The aircraft lived a long life in the test community and was eventually delivered from Edwards AFB to AMARC in the early 1990's. Drop me a note if you can add anything to the story and I will be happy to update it.

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