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Monday, February 16, 2015

More XC-142A

Some additional great images to add to the post about the 50th anniversary of the first flights of the XC-142A.  More on this interesting aircraft and the CARA version in posts to come.

XC-142A Configuration Description, courtesy VAHF Archives

Cutaway view of XC-142A, courtesy VAHF Archives

Giving some idea of the complexity of the XC-142, here is an illustration of the drive system for all five of the propellers, courtesy VAHF Archives.

Rigging model in the low speed wind tunnel, courtesy VAHF Archives

General Electric T-64 Engine with gearbox and propeller assembly, courtesy VAHF Archives.

 The number two XC-142A moving down the taxi way with the wing in the forward flight position, courtesy VAHF Archives.

 Another image of the number two XC-142A on the taxi way with the wing tilted up in the vertical flight position, courtesy VAHF Archives.

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