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Saturday, December 6, 2014

Special SU-2 Bureau Number 9095 1932-33

Command aircraft of the US Navy in the 1930's were painted in special schemes. In the case of this Chance Vought SU-2 is is Admiral Blue fuselage, Chrome Yellow upper wing with the other color being aluminum. There was also a flag older mounted on the side of the aircraft for noting when the Commander was on board. 

The wheel pants really give the aircraft a cool 1930's look to what is normally a plain wheel and tire assembly. Something interesting about the photos. In the upper photo the tail hook is clearly visible, but in the next two photos the tail hook is scratched off the photos.

According to John Elliot's book this aircraft belongs to Rear Admiral John Halligen, Commander Aircraft, Battle Force. This image looks similar to the image in Elliot's book. Reference page 37 of  "The Official Monogram US Navy & Marine Corps Aircraft Color Guide Volume 1 1911-1939", Photos from the VAHF Collection

What a beautiful airplane! I bet she had a distinctive sound with those short, individual exhaust stacks.

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