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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

New Birdcage Corsair Reference Book!

Aircraft Pictorial #7 F4U-1 Corsair Volume 1 by Dana Bell has been published!

Before I write further, I corresponded with Dana during some of the research on this book. I do not have anything to gain from the success of this fine volume. It will do well without my help!

Dana has produced a volume for those of us interested in the technical details of the aircraft. I personally enjoy reading about and seeing the mechanical details of aircraft. How the Engineers innovated new ways to advance the technology and the modifications required have always been of interest to me.

This is not a rehash of the famous stories and myths about the Corsair. This slim volume of 72 pages is packed with information both textually and visually appealing to those interested in the air frame, it's modifications and the colors it wore. Where else do you get to see Vought supplied work stands, stall strips and flap gap doors? Even better a Corsair with outer wing panel drop tanks, now that's something new to see!

This volume fits well with the Kingfisher and Vindicator books already published in this series. If you are looking for another combat history of the F4U this is not your book. If you are looking to learn some details about the Corsair that you didn't know, this is the ticket!

I am looking forward to the "raised seat version" of the F4U-1 that will be the companion volume to this one. For the time being, I am going to dig out my 1/32 scale Birdcage Corsair for a closer look.

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