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Sunday, June 15, 2014

Type Spec 149 and the V-416 Vigilante

     In 1957 the United States Navy issued a Type Specification 149 for a carrier based all weather attack aircraft. Of the eight companies that responded, three made the short list including the ultimate winner Grumman with the A2F Intruder and Vought's V-416 Vigilante.

Report 10934A Page 3 Rev 7/29/57

"Chance Vought Aircraft has been invited to participate in a design competition for an all-weather, low-level, carrier-based, two-place, attack airplane in accordance with Type Specification No. TS-149 dated 19 February 1957 as modified by Amendment No. 2 dated 24 May 1957."

"Two separate configuration will be proposed - one a twin J-52 engine airplane which meets the specification requirements and contains Contractor furnished and developed electronic equipment called out in Type Specification and Government TS-149 that the Contractor considers essential for optimum mission accomplishment. This airplane will be identified as the Model V-416A. The second configuration will be identified as the Model V-416B and would differ from the Model V-416A in that it will contain Contractor and Government furnished and developed electronic equipment which meets all the requirements called out in Type Specification TS-149."

V-416 General Arrangement

     As with any aircraft, maintenance considerations dictate significant demands on the design. Ease of maintenance to enable the aircraft to be operated at a lower overall cost and the ability to turn the aircraft around after a mission are important. Here is a drawing showing some of the maintenance access panels.

     Interesting is the non-retractable aerial refueling probe attached to the number 2 (right) engine nacelle unlike the design Grumman adopted on the A2F that was right in front of the crew that was also not retractable.

     Also of interest the major components identified for the production process.

     Finally the external stores diagram to illustrate both the locations and the types of stores the aircraft would have carried if it had entered operational service.

      Here is a closeup of the various external stores combinations that were proposed for the V-416.

     Once again the information from this post came from the Vought Aircraft Historical Foundation archive material.

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