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Thursday, December 26, 2013

F4U Low Drag Wing Study

In February 1946, the Vought Engineering Team researched a Performance Improvement Proposal for the US Navy using the F4U-5 Corsair as a baseline. One of the ideas they created was the Low Drag Straight Wing.

This wing had dihedral at the center section of 1° 30' and dihedral of 7° on the outer panel quite a bit of change over the original design. The proposal also featured a revised landing gear due to the wing change to maintain propeller clearance and circular arc type spoilers.

From the VAHF microfilm are the following drawings for your viewing pleasure.

Side view

Front view

 And the top view

As you can easily see it changes the looks of the lady quite a bit. I have not found anything so far to indicate if the proposal was submitted to the US Navy or comments they might have had concerning the design. None the less it would make an interesting subject for "What If" modelers!

1 comment:

  1. It could have been a slow day in predesign and somebody wanted to see what the Corsair would look like with a more conventional wing. Of course, to be really useful they would have had to do some weight estimates and wind tunnel tests. Or they could have weighed and flown an F6F...