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Saturday, January 30, 2016

A-7H and BGM-34A

     Three view drawing of a two place A-7H with a Ryan BGM-34A carried under the left wing. This was drawn in February 1972 not long after the first successful tests of launching AGM-65A Maverick missiles from the BGM-34A platform. Given the mounting arrangement for the AGM-65 on the BGM-34 there would have been little ground clearance of the missile fins upon aircraft rotation. It also can be easily imagined that a fuel tank or inert bomb would have to be carried on the right side to help balance the aircraft until drone launch.

Courtesy VAHF

Courtesy VAHF

Courtesy VAHF

     Just for visual representation of the Ryan AQM/BQM-34 family, a BQM-34S photographed in 2004 is presented below.


    Later on in the Corsair II's life the EA-7L was given the capability to carry and launch BQM-74C target drones to simulate aggressor aircraft or missiles. The EA-7L was only able to start the engine and launch the drone. The crew could not change the pre-programmed flight profile for the target. Below is a BQM-74E representative of the BQM-74 series.

BQM-74E NAS Point Mugu BillSpidle 20040812

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