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Sunday, October 11, 2015

F7U-3P Part Two

     For those of you who are interested in the details of the reconnaissance portion of the proposal there were a number of images surrounding the camera installations in the F7U-3P.

CVA-10317 F7U-3P General Reconnaissance Configuration 19520613
     The general reconnaissance configuration has a P-2 strike camera in the nose with a K17 camera in Station One along with a K17 or a K38 camera in Station Two with a fixed or rotatable mounts. 

CVA-10318 F7U-3P Mapping and Charting Configuration 19520613
     The charting and mapping configuration removes the P-2 camera from the nose and installs a K17 or CA-8 or T-11 camera in Station One. Station Two is configured with a K17, CA-8 or T-11 Tri-Metrogon assembly.

CVA-10319 F7U-3P Beach and Offshore Reconnaissance Configuration 19520613
     The Beach and Offshore reconnaissance configuration removes the P-2 camera in the nose and adds the CAS-2 rotatable camera in Station Two. The equipment in Station One cannot be properly identified at this time. 

CVA-10320 F7U-3P Night Reconnaissance Configuration 19520613
     The night reconnaissance configuration again leaves the forward bay empty. Station One contains a shutter trip control and Station Two contains a K37 camera.

CVA-10325 F7U-3P Sub Cockpit Showing Camera Viewfinder 19520613
     The photo above shows the viewfinder for the camera installations when the photography is taking place forward or vertically. For visual reference the nose of the aircraft is to the right in the photo.

     That closes out this installment of the F7U-3P mockup. The final installment will feature a few more details and additional information on the design.

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