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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Mock-up of a Pirate (XF6U-1 that is!) Part II

     Continuing with the Pirate mock-up, one of the interesting features was the ability to kneel the aircraft to allow for tighter parking on the flight deck. Kneeling required the nose landing gear to be retracted after a small kneeling nose wheel was installed.

CV-18454 XF6U-1 Kneeling 

     Nose image with panels removed showing the gun camera, oxygen bottle and avionics installations.

CV-18445 XF6U-1 Nose Installation

     Second view of the open nose compartment showing the details of the equipment installed inside.

CV-18446 XF6U-1 Nose Installation

     One of the areas of interest that gets a considerable level of detail in the mock-up is the cockpit. The first image shows the instrument board with control stick. The second image shows the chart board extended as it would be during use. 

CV-18446 XF6U-1 Instrument Board

CV-18306 XF6U-1 Chart Board Installation

     The next post in this series will feature the armament and landing gear.

     These images come from the National Archives II Record Group 72. The Vought and NARA images numbers are in the file names.


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