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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

YBGM-110 Tomahawk

LTV was selected with General Dynamics to compete in a fly-off of their competing submarine launched cruise missile designs. The LTV version was designated YBGM-110 with the GD missile designated YBGM-109.

There is an excellent article here: Vought Org Website  so I won't republish all that information in this post. The LTV missile failed on it's first two test flights, the first attributed to the Navy, the second to a programming error. The GD design did not suffer a similar fate. The engine that the Navy selected for the LTV missile was not as a mature, nor successful program as the William offering was at competition time.

Here are a few publicity images of the ALCM version mounted on the right wing of a factory fresh A-7E aircraft. Images from VAHF collection.


  1. Great photos & story. Any idea as to the BuNo of that A-7E?

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  3. The slide emulsion date is October 1974. The aircraft delivered from mid-September to mid-October are A-7E's 159294-159302. 159301 is a good candidate as it was used for pictures of the A-7E and mock-up of the BMG-110 with emulsion dates of September 1974.