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Monday, March 23, 2015

XF8U-1 Crusader at 60 Part IV

     All the items critical for a successful first flight had been completed by March 23rd. A third taxi test was made on March 24th, the last in the series to be accomplished prior to flight. Tests were completed satisfactorily, and no difficulties were experienced. The #1 XF8U-1 was ready to proceed to the first flight.

 Above: Group photo of the Chance Vought Aircraft flight test team taken at Edwards AFB. These are the men who worked long hours to get the #1 XF8U-1 ready for flight after its long journey from Dallas (CVPR-427 VAHF)

Above: Chance Vought Aircraft engineers L.C. Josephs and Russ Clark for the XF8U-1 Program take a moment to pose by the #1 XF8U-1 at Muroc. (CVPR-394 VAHF)

Below: The Spartan cockpit of the #1 XF8U-1. The aircraft was not armed so did not have a gun sight or armament controls installed. Also missing in the picture is the Chance Vought Aircraft ejection seat that was fitted during the initial test program and used for many years. (VAHF)

A really nice image of the XF8U-1 Crusader sitting on the ground at Muroc, CA. VAHF Collection

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