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Saturday, March 14, 2015

V-519 The Great White Whale Part III

     A few more images to share concerning the V-519 White Whale. The first is an interesting from a markings standpoint with the inclusion of some distinctive VA-174 tail stripe and squadron insignia on the rudder and after of the rear cockpit. I am looking into this might have occurred during weapons or other testing of the aircraft with VA-174 as the host/testing entity.

YA-7H 156801 carrying a mix of contractor and VA-174 markings. VAHF Archives

Taxi shot of 156801 without the test probe installation on the nose and without NAVY titling on the fuselage side. VAHF Archive.

Absence of the aerial refueling probe is visible in the right side view of 156801. VAHF Archive.

Typical Vought A-7 series public relations view of the YA-7H inflight. VAHF archives

Nice in-flight image of 156801 over some scattered clouds. VAHF Archive.

YA-7H in-flight with the landing gear extended. The launch bar is visible on the nose gear in the up position. VAHF Archive.

Close-up of the drag chute door on 156801. VAHF archive

YA-7H sharing the ramp with the sole NTF-8A. VAHF Archive

1 comment:

  1. The YA-7H (aka "White Whale) was painted with VA-174 art because it was taken to the squadron's home at Cecil Field as part of Vought's sales pitch to the Navy to buy Twosairs.